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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Captan's Log!!!

[Hello again readers!  This week the Captain is going to try something very different than usual.  Today’s article is a little short and has nothing to do with Commander or theme decks.  If you’re looking for a deck list... seems like you may need to wait a week.  There will be another deck next week and trust me, it is awesome!  But until then, I would like to take you on a little journey that I hope you enjoy.] - Calvin

Here Kitty!

Hello my Planar Brethren!  This week on 3TF I have decided to take the opportunity to bring you one of the many tales that I have gathered from around the Multiverse.  But we should not get too far ahead of ourselves.  Further introductions are in order.  I have been traveling the Multiverse for roughly 13 years on this Plane called Earth.  That may not seem too long, but if you only knew how many years passed by in the rest of the Planes when compared to this one you would realize 13 years is a LONG time.  In my travels, I have met some of the most famous and infamous people, places, and creatures the Blind Eternities could create.  If you are here to learn how to handle yourself in one on one duels, the newest piece of magic, artifacts to don in the arenas of the champions, or some advice on how to defeat several foes at a time…. sorry. I can’t help you.  When you have been around as long as I have these things become almost like buying the latest Golem 3.0 just to get home, open it, and hear from you friends about how the Golem 4.0 just came out today.  If you want to hear tales of the secret lives of your favorite Planeswalkers, Legendary Heroes and Villains, grab a seat and take a moment with me. If you have made it this far I would like to start with a somewhat sad tale about one of my fellow `Walkers, one Ajani Goldmane.

The Tale of A Lost Cat!

Log Enter- 05/16/50 Lorwyn

I was wandering around a kithkin marketplace on Lorwyn. With a little illusion magic they thought I was an elf.  FYI, kithkin make some of the best Hackberry jam this side of Dominaria so get some.  While I was out and about I ran into Ajani.  We talked for awhile about how things have been going.  I got to tell you if you have any kind of a heart, send that guy a letter.  He told me about how his brother was murdered, what happened to Naya, and how he had to leave home for awhile just to clear his head.

Log Enter- 05/28/48 Moag

I took Ajani with me to this bar on Moag for a well needed round of shots.  He was telling me about how he left Alara and got a chance to make some waves in the duels arena.  He made some friends with some of the other `Walkers he met named Elspeth and Jace.  He really is more of the supportive guy.  He likes to help other be their best, but be careful cause if you get him upset he will burn down your house, crops and all. 

 After a while, he calmed down a little.  Trust me; with Elspeth around he is a much calmer guy.  I even heard stories about how she brushed him a few time to help calm him in his sleep, but I’m not saying what Mind Sculpting mage told me that little nugget.

Log Enter- 05/28/48 Moag late afternoon

Anyway, Ajani told me about how after that he spent less time in the arena.  He was a regular in the friendly matches with no prizes on the line.  Then he just started crying.  I had to almost gag the guy because people started to look.  I got to tell ya, ain’t nothing worse than watching a fat man cry.  When he finally finished, I ask what just happened and that was when he pulled a paper out of his pocket.

“Dear Mr. Goldmane,

We would like to take this time to thank you for all the great entertainment you have provided over the years.  It pains us to inform you that you have not qualified for this year’s summer fights...  “



He said he was 25 points short, and if he only had made it to two more top tables he would be able to still fight for one more year.  We had a few more drinks and I had to ask him the big Q… now what?  He said he would go home to try and see if he could try cleaning up the mess Bolas left behind.  I could tell you, that is one disorderly dragon; but it’s another story altogether (maybe for later).  

Log Enter- 05/30/48 Moag

After a few days, Ajani and I parted ways. He said he could use some help and asked if I would be interested.  I really hate cleaning up after others, but if you walk the Planes enough you realize it’s full of untidy `Walkers who just seem to love destroying everything in their wake.  I said sure, so he asked if I could find some others to come to Alara.

Time for a Cat Nap!

It’s getting late and the candle in my den is getting low.  This is the first, of hopefully, many stories that you will come to listen.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did telling it and I hope to see you next week.  Please leave comments and I will see you next time.

C.R. Russell

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