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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Captain's Log!!!

[Hello again readers! This week the Captain is going to try something very different than usual. Today’s article is a little short and has nothing to do with Commander or theme decks. If you’re looking for a deck list... seems like you may need to wait awhile. There will be another deck soon, but until then I would like to take you on a little journey that I hope you enjoy.] - Calvin

Captain’s Log!!!

Never Trust Blue Planeswalkers

Hello my Planer Brethren! This week on 3TF I have decided to take the opportunity to bring you one of the many tales that I have gathered from around the Multiverse. I have traveled the Multiverse for roughly 13 Earth Plane years. If you know how many years past by in the rest of the Planes when compared to this one, you know 13 years is a LONG time. In my travels I have met some of the most famous and infamous people, places, and creatures the Blind Eternities could have to offer. If you are here to learn when is the best time to attack, the best way to cast a spell from your graveyard, or some advice on how to defeat several foes at a time…. sorry. Not this week.  When you have been around as long as I have, you learn that you will have time to pick these things up. Sometimes you need to stop and smell the Black Lotus. If you want to hear tales of the secret lives of your favorite Planeswalkers, Legendary Heroes, and Villains grab a seat and take a moment with me. If you have made it this far I would like to start with a warning tale about one of the most well known and secretive Planeswalkers of the Multiverse, Jace Beleren.

Lost In Translation!


I was hiding out in the center of Rushwood after repaying a debt to a local ally who happens to be a part of the local resistance. I have tendencies to help the people over the establishment, not because I’m against the law but due to the fact that laws have a tendency to be one-sided in a lot of places where “fair” is not taken into consideration. Also, I was given a little something for my troubles.  I received a rare scroll which could fetch me a good price on most other planes. I said my fair wells and started to head out. I packed my Jhovall and started to head out to Rishada so that I may return to my local ship. When you get into trouble in the woods, the best place to escape to is the sea.

Noon- Cliffside Market

I arrive at a local trade shop, where I hear an argument. In the Market place, there are usually a lot of heated debates over price, quality, and what not. After awhile it all blends together. But this time I here two voices that sounds familiar, but not to this plane. I locate the source to find, Jace Beleren and Tezerret going back and forth over something. From my location I can see the two of them but I can’t make out what they’re discussing. They have cool yet icy looks on their faces, no one near them can tell what’s going on, but I can. I feel the mana in the area building and this has to stop now!  I force my way over to them just in time to hear the tail end of what sounds like “…ere’s no other option.” I shield myself in preparation for something big. I see two huge blue flashes and a sudden burst of wind blows my hood off. I look to see the damage done but… they we’re gone. I knew what happened but by the look on the faces of the people around me, it was about to get ugly. Some were dim to what happened but seemed more interested in the fact that the face on a newly posted wanted poster was standing there, in the middle of the Market. I could see someone trying to get the local guard while pointing in my direction. My options are low so I decide on the one course of action I have left.

The Blind Eternities

I needed to leave my supplies in a hurry but, after I Planeswalk, I could still see a trail left behind by the two mages but they split into two different directions. I have a short amount of time, but I couldn’t tell which was which. Sudden walking like that blurs my senses. I pick one at random and follow it. I landed in a small, dark room. I couldn’t make out which Plane I landed on. I took a moment to gather myself but a moment was too long. I could hear a chant and the sudden force of a binding spell pinned me up against a wall. I could barely open my eyes but I already knew who I had followed.
“Welcome to Arkhos, Captain.”
“Thank you, Mister Beleren.”

Arkhos- Who knows when

After a quick talk, Jace realized I wasn’t after him per se, just trying to escape the commotion he and Tezzeret created. But that still was not enough to be released from the bind spell. My head finally cleared up enough to gain some movement but I had to remain calm. On Arkhos, the power of illusionary magic is unquestionably strong. I’ve had previous clashes with Jace, I knew him very well to not test him. He will help you clear your mind without a second thought.

I could feel my strength return. “If you’re going to keep me here the least you could do is offer me a beverage.” He looks at me questionably but I know him. Had this been Tezzeret, I would have been better off just asked him to stab me because at least he would consider it. But this was Jace. He may not admit to it but somewhere deep down under all of that logic and trickery is something… trusting.
When he left the room I dug deep into the little mana I could find. I draw upon it just enough to form a crumble spell. As I prepared it, Jace return. I cast the spell on the wall behind me, just in time to catch him off guard. A quick shot to the gut and I grabbed him by the collar. ”Ok Mister Beleren, what was all that about back on Mercadia?” I pulled him up and it all became clear when he faded away. Like I said, Arkhos is a very powerful place for illusionary magic. I knew it was too late to try to find Jace, but I did know that the next time I saw him he owed me a large sum of money or a rare scroll.

Jace... You Owe ME!
It’s getting late and the candle in my den is getting low. Hopefully you have enjoyed this latest journey into one of the many stories that I have to offer. Please leave comments and I will see you next time.
C.R. Russell

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