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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Walk Into The Random!!!

Back Where We Started!
Welcome one and all! Today I will, once again, be talking about a few random things on my mind. This is my more casual section so I figured I should let you know now. But, unlike before the will be links to decklists and a few ideas that popped up in my mind. Here I talk about a few things like game play, news, and other topics of interest to me.  So, if this all sounds boring to you, then… too bad. But, I do think that you may want to check this out because… well…. you’ll see. To all of you who are still here, let us take a walk into the random.
It All Began…
Last year, this happened. That would make this a little pass the one year anniversary of 3TF! One year of walking into randomness. One year of the Captain’s Log. One year of Oh Captain, My Captain. If you have followed me you got a chance to watch me go from a guy who couldn’t get published (so he made my own site) to a guest host on CommanderCast to a co-host of Off Color Cast. Over the last year I’ve make tons of friends who I have written with, shared ideas with, and have learned from.  So I figured I’d take this time to go over the last year and talk about of a few of my favorite things from this year.
Let’s start with this:
Crossover Month was fun. I really enjoyed the writing this article but the real enjoyment was that I got to work with Imshan from CommanderCast for a while. We were trying to figure out a way to have our articles feel like two stories that played out with us being lost and ending up on the wrong sites. But…
We couldn’t get the feel down in time so I did my thing and Imshan did his. All in all, it was still a great time and I wouldn’t mine to work with him again. I’ve also been on at least one show for four of the six seasons at CommanderCast! If you want to go back and hear all of the different times I’ve recorded:

 While I may have only worked with Imshan once and Andy a few times over the last year, I have had a lot of time with this man!
Cassidy also created this awesome alteration of Lightning Bolt!!!

In the past year we have traveled a similar path. We both started our blogs about the same time, guest hosted on CommanderCast multiple time, and we currently record together on Off Color Cast with, the final piece of our Three Amigos as it were, Christian Renoe.

Speaking of which…..
Off Color!!!
In case you haven’t heard yet (and if not where have you been??) OffColorCast.com is the main place to go to find me. If you’re a long time reader you know writing takes a lot of time for me but I still have enough time to record. We have been doing a season based of 10 shows and now we have recorded up to 19 shows. This means we may be going on vacation soon, but I make no promises due to the fact that it hasn’t come up yet. If you haven’t been listening, we discuss Commander and a few random things we feel like talking about. Just a heads up, we have a tendency to curse and no I’m not talking about the enchantments. If you’re not into that kind of language we understand. Not everyone can handle us but it’s really good content, funny to listen to, and you get to hear me!
In Other News…
In the last few weeks I’ve taken on the position of the guy who posts up all the shows at OCC, but I’ve also talked with my man Jonathan Felber and now write articles that are very themed over at OCC. I was thinking of having him here but changed my mind. Why should I try to keep such a great article for 3TF when OCC could do so much more with us all working together?
This leads me to the next bit of news I want to talk about. There is a very good time this will be the last post on ThreeToTheFace.com I do. Not for a while. I mean Period. Mainly because I feel if I want to do something I’ll post it on OCC where the whole team can benefit (or suffer) from it. I will still keep this page up and I plan to use it as an archive for my works so far. Don’t worry; you will still have me to kick around for a while, just over at OCC instead. I really want to thank all of you for this past year, all the comments, and for allowing me and my site here to keep you entertained.
So for one last time,

This is your Captain speaking… We’re Heading Into the Red Zone!!!

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