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Monday, July 4, 2011

Walk Into The Random!!!

Into My Mind!!

Welcome one and all! Today’s article is a bit different. Today I will be talking about a few random things on my mind about Magic. This is a little more of a casual thing so I figured I should let you know now. First, there will be no decks here but maybe a few ideas will pop up. Also, I will talk about a few other things like game play and news. Maybe a few things about me will show up and a quick piece of thanks to all those that have helped me get to this point. So, if this all sounds boring to you, then I will see you later this week when I talk about another deck I’ve been playing around with.  To all of you who are still here, let us take a walk into the random.
Last Time at the Edge of Reality
This past Friday, I got to play a few games of Commander at my local brick and mortar store. The first game was with the Political Puppets Deck from the recent Commander set release. I got to tell you, I like this deck. While it’s not as powerful as the other 4 in the set, it has got my juices flowing with ideas for another deck I want to try. But first a few notes. First, the two new Legends that come with it are the bomb. Ruhan of the Fomori is great but I feel he needs to be set aside for his own deck. He can bring some serious hurt down on the table but this deck doesn’t use him to his full potential. He’s the kind of guy that likes to have a deck that can give him evasion and helps him thin the hordes of the groups. This deck is more about giving your stuff away then controlling what’s out. I also noticed that the deck has a strong defense thing going with walls, big blockers, dudes with fog like abilities, and bounce spells. This deck is really made for Zedruu the Greathearted to lead, so if you’re playing it right out the box let Ruhan chill in it and not in the Command Zone.


The second game I got to run my Balthor Deck from last week. I was off to an early start with a Buried Alive and the new Sewer Nemesis in play targeting myself. I got to tell you the Nemesis is a great dredger; sure it’s one card at a time but with him out you can play your spells without feeling like you missed out on a chance to toss a few cards from you deck to the grave for your end game. I got about half my deck in and needed 1 more swamp to go off….. Then it happened.

Identity Crisis!!!
 Let’s just say it was a long uphill battle from there. Later the guy that hit me with the Crisis said he was sorry for taking me out the game like that. I told him it’s cool, when you play a deck like this you have to expect it to happen sooner or later. With all the graveyard hate in this game, it will happen. Out all of the games I’ve played with this deck in the last few months, this was the first and only time I’ve lost my graveyard so I can’t complain. I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. He asked me then why didn’t I drop from the game then? I told him that I still had other dredgers and mill cards in my deck. If I hit a few of them it would be like he did nothing. Sadly, all I could get was Necroplasm so I played it to kill off all the tokens, attacked people at random to get it in the grave, dredged 2, and start over again. I kept hitting lands but one reanimate spell could have got my Nemesis back and the shop would have been open for business again. But, all in all a fun night that ended early cause half the shop left to go chill at the bar. I didn’t go because I’m not much of a drinker. Not to say I don’t drink, just not that often.
Where’s the Magic???
In case you didn’t know, I am a nerd. I watch The Big Bang Theory and I have to explain the jokes to my wife. I love Voltron and giant robot anime. I have the original Transformers on DVD collectors pack with all the seasons. I had He-Man action figures and all the X-Men toys I could find. Even now I have a room in my apartment meant for Magic cards, a pet lizard, and a shelf with my favorite toys from the 80’s.With this bit of info, can you guess what new remake TV show has me excited?
Ready? It’s the new Thundercats show!! Now, this month on the 29 there will be a 1 hour series premiere on Cartoon Network and I’ve got to tell ya I am soooo ready. I told my wife I may even use a vacation day for this one! That show rocked! The Cats are on the loose and this time they have pants!!! If only He-Man would take a clue maybe he wouldn’t appear to have such a… “Alternative Lifestyle”, but who am I to judge royalty. So if you have no idea what the Thundercats are here a quick rundown. Its Superman meets Star Trek meets Plant of the Apes. A group of alien cat people crashes on an unknown planet. They all have special abilities and weapons that make them a kind of warrior race. They find out the planet is ruled by an evil immortal undead king. They try to rebuild their ship but find out their home planet is gone so they stay to try and turn this weird planet into their new home. It may sound weird but hey that’s 80 TV for you. This show was awesome and I can’t wait to get to see it again! Oh, and did I say that Cheetara is hot? You know in that weird cartoon kinda way…… DON’T JUDGE ME!!!!
Oh There It Is
Back to Magic, my group has been playing around with the Planechase cards. We’ve been playing a little format I call Planes Draft. It’s real simple; you just take the Planes cards, shuffle, deal them out, and draft them. You end up with a Planes deck that is somewhat built for your deck but not so custom made that it wrecks shop. It also help you from getting to a plane everyone likes and no one wants to leave, because you know what there are other planes in your deck that helps you more than them (or hurt you less in some cases). 
It’s still a work in progress and I want to try something similar with the Archenemy cards. Hey just because these cards were made to be played the way Wizards made them, doesn’t mean we can’t make up our own stuff. That is the beauty of this game. You can customize just about everything!  After a few more games I’ll let you know how it goes.
You Like Me!!  You Really Like Me!?!
This is the point where I send out a huge thank you to all the people that have read my stuff. This took a lot of work to put together and it feels good to get all the comments, suggestions, and flat out help you guy have given. A big Thank You to Andy from COMMANDERCAST.BLOGSPOT.COM.  Thanks for all the help fixing things up and if you haven’t seen it yet go check out this page. To my play group Dennis, Matt, and Dan for spending your Friday nights out with me. And to all the readers who have checked out my page. If it wasn’t for you, I would have probably stopped after my first article.
Thanks again to all and don’t forget to come back later this week when I’ll take a look into another deck!!!

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