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Monday, July 11, 2011

Walk Into The Random!!!

Drop down and Get Yo M12 On!!!

Welcome one and all! Today I will, once again, be talking about a few random things on my mind. This is my more casual section so I figured I should let you know now. There are no decklists here but maybe a few ideas will pop up. Here I talk about a few things like game play, news, and other topics of interest to me.  So, if this all sounds boring to you, then you may want to check back later this week when I talk about another Commander deck that isn’t real.  To all of you who are still here, let us take a walk into the random.
M12 Is Upon Us
The M12 Prerelease was this past weekend and have I got to tell ya…..nothing. What!! See I had to miss it! WHAT!!! Let me explain, I am a married with a child. My wife of 5 years is one of those people who don’t like Magic. I on the other hand love this game. So, to keep the peace in my house, every other weekend I go out with my friends and we play. On the weekends I don’t go, I stay home with my wife and son and sometimes we do stuff like go to the beach, movies, or just watch some TV. Good old family time!! So guess which weekend this prerelease landed on.  But I’m not going to let that stop me from telling you a few of my opinions about M12! So let’s go!

First, I’m so glad to see that Wizards has given us Oblivion Ring back. The Standard Meta has taken a huge hit since it left. Planeswalkers got out of control, huge creatures have run rampant, and artifacts have stolen match after match. This is one card I think the game needs to keep in the core set as a fall back answer for nonland permanents. I’m only speculating here but I don’t think cards like Jace, The Mind Sculptor and the Titans would not have taken over the format so much if we would have still had the Ring around.

This years M.V.P.!!!

Next, have you seen Blue lately?? With the new illusion creatures in this set, Blue is doing a go job of pretending to be Green and Red. It has bears, dragons, and even new lords!

The new face of .... Aggro????

 And the funniest thing is I hate blue. I like to turn dudes sideways and run them out into the red zone. I like to keep attacking, kill things at instant and sorcery speed, and bring down my opponents life points. These are things Blue is not known for outside of Merfolk decks. Yet here I am ready to crack some packs and the idea that I maybe passing something like a Runeclaw Bear for a Phantasmal Bear because X, Y, and Z (I’m already in UW, etc) just feel wrong… but I can’t help but to feel like it’s the right thing to do. This goes to show that they did something really good in this set and I tip my hat to them.
But it’s Not All Good
What can I say; there are a few things about every set that we all won’t like. Call me spoiled, but I’m just not that impressed by the Mythic rares in this one. Not that I don’t like the titans or the Planeswalkers, but this set did it wrong in my opinion. When the Planeswalkers were first put in the core set, it gave players a chance to grab a couple without needing to crack Lorwyn packs. When Wizards started doing the half-new core set thing, they added cards like Lightning Bolt and Baneslayer Angel that gave that set this new frontier feel. The Titans gave you five good reasons to crack packs with the core set they were in.
But now? Two of the Planeswalkers are reprints, one of which only sees play in casual formats like Commander. All five titans are back but if you have been playing since last summer the only good thing with this is Primeval Titan is down in price since you may have the other ones you would play with. This may sound a little hypocritical, since I just said:
 “When the Planeswalkers were first put in the core set, it gave players a chance to grab a couple without needing to crack Lorwyn packs.”
   This could easily be:
“When the Titans were reprinted in the core set, it gave players a chance to grab a couple without needing to crack M11 packs.”
I’m not saying I have beef with the Titans, my problems isn’t even with the Planeswalkers. I’m just saying that the combination of the two makes this set feel a little boring to me. With 3 new Walkers, it feels like 3 out of 10 cards are cool new cards you want to get whereas before it felt more fifty/fifty. Maybe it’s me, but this seems to be the part of the set that just doesn’t sit right with me.
A Time To Kill
This past weekend I had a chance to sit down with a new DVD from the friendly people at Netflix. I watched a movie called “11:14” that a friend recommended. It’s a story about the lives of 5 people that all happen to cross each other’s path at 11:14pm because of a couple of “accidents”.  It’s done like Pulp Fiction, so prepare to watch it a few times before you catch every detail of how things happen. I found it very funny and my family enjoyed it. We watched it about 3 times just to see how things worked. Car accidents, graveyard sex, a penis in the middle of the road, and Motherf**king Patrick Swayze!!!

 Motherf**king Patrick Swayze!!!

This movie is on point and if you haven’t heard about it go check it out.

Well that’s all for today, join me next later this week when I talk about another deck that I’m excited to try and kinda embarrassed to play.

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