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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

News Update!!!

That's Captain Spellshaper To Your Boy!!!

Hello people! I am here to spread the news of the new Planeswalker Points System! If you ever had a DCI number and played in any OP events, and I mean anything from an FNM to Worlds, you have Planeswalker Points. No you didn't have to win any matches, but winning does help. This is the new system Wizards is using to rank it players and the best part? You never have to worry about your losses again! You can loss ever match at an event and you don't have to worry about going down a level! No more need to 0-2 drop! In fact, you have a reason to play the whole event even if your 0-5! Any win you get will be added to your points and advance you up the ladder. You, YES YOU, could go to worlds for playing your ass off at an FNM!

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Oh and one more thing, your Captain is already a SpellShaper! That's the 5th of the 10 status in the system and all I ever play is FNMs and Prereleases! YEAHYAH!

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