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Thursday, November 24, 2011

News Update!!!

Are you in to Planechase? Yeah? It's to bad that the people at Wizards hasn't done anything with it for three years right? Hold on a sec I got a call... what's that...oh...Oh...OH!!! I'm back and it sounds like the higher ups have finally heard us Planechasers and made!!!


I for one am so excited to hear about this and the new way they plan to go ahead with it! It's like taking the best part of the Planechase set (the Plane cards that effect the whole table), the best part of the Archenemy set (the Scheme cards that help you and may hurt your enemies), and the best part of the Commander set (the new custom made cards) and mixing them into one product!!!

I will be the first to say I'm buying all of this! I'm a casual player and this seems to be Wizards trying to find a way to combine thier three newest casual themes and I am all for it. And just in case your not on border yet look at this!!!

And this!!!

And tell me you don't want in on this!!!


  1. Time Distortion looks annoying and more of a hassle than a fun, random effect. I hope the other Phenomena cards are better or more interesting.

    Maelstrom Wanderer, on the other hand, is friggin' sweet.

  2. I agree Time Distortion is a little weak sauce but it does open the door for design. If you have the oversized cards sleeves I say use the archenemy cards to get an idea for how good these COULD be.

    The Wanderer is pretty cool and I believe their doing cycle of Legends for this set. I hear one of them will be a ninja theme deck, so fingers crossed for a tri-color Ninja legend with ninjitsu!