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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Walk Into The Random!!!

Finally The Captain Has Come Back To 3TF!
Welcome one and all! Today I will, once again, be talking about a few random things on my mind. This is my more casual section for any of you newer readers. There are no decklists here but an idea may or may not pop up. Here I talk about a few things like game play, news, and other topics of interest to me.  So, if this all sounds boring to you, then you may want to check back next week when I talk about another Commander deck.  To all of you who are still here, let us take a walk into the random.
Where Has The Captain Been?
Over the last few weeks I have been on the move. By that I mean that I’ve been showing up a lot in various places and I really haven’t been home, and by home I mean here at 3TF, for what feels like three weeks. You see back in the last week of October, work came down on me pretty hard with inventory. While I still got a chance to try something new with Captain’s Log, I was so tried that I almost forgot about. It was still a fun venture and I plan to look into doing it again in the future.
Then on Halloween you all got a chance to hear me on Commandercast Season 4 episode 7. They even named a segment after me called “Captain’s Orders”. For those of you who missed it, here’s the link…
I had a great time with the crew over there and I would love to go on the show again. While I’m on the subject, Commandercast started there Cross Over month in November. This is where they have various writers from other sites post up an article for them and they send their writers to the other site in exchange. I’ve been trying to keep up with every exchange so far, and I’ve got to tell you it seems to be going great! I was even a part of this, where Commandercast posted an article of mine and 3TF had an article by friend of the site Imshan aka Sinis. We did a lot of e-mail chatting and I have to say Imshan is a great guy who is welcomed to come back anytime. So in case you missed that article…
But that’s not all. You see while I was off trying to find my way back home from the shores of Commandercast, I landed in a little place known as TCGPlayer. There I got a chance to hang out with long time friend Cassidy Silver. In case you don’t know, Cassidy is a regular Commander writer for TCGplayer, he’s the master mind behind You Can’t Handle the ‘Nath, and he recently had a few of his decks featured over at DailyMTG in the Daily Deck List section. All of that and I can still go on about him with him being one of the administers over at the Knowledge Pool and the main editor for just about everything article related to 3TF! I have to tell you I owe this guy a lot and he asked me if I wanted to do something of a team up for his Fat Stacks article. So you know I couldn’t say no and even if I could I wouldn’t. We got a chance to go back and forth on two decks from TCG’s deck data base and made a few tweaks here and there. Just in case you missed that here’s the link…
So as you can see I’ve been kind of busy as of late. I even got an accidental site plug from Monday Night Magic over at MTGCast when I sent an e-mail to their host Tom. He’s a fan of theme deck and has started playing Commander a bit more. So I sent him an e-mail about 3TF and he had a baby… no really. His wife was pregnant and he’ll be taking some time off the show to show his new child all of the websites not to Google. Congratulations Tom on your newborn child. Yet, with Tom gone for the moment my e-mail got into the show notes and read on air… yeah… my bad… link is here… moving on…
And while I’m at it I got ANOTHER plug that week from The Mana Pool! I love podcast and this is in my top three favorites. I started listening to these guys around episode 140 or so, I know it was around the beginning of the summer of ’10. I even listen to their older episodes in my down time. Chewie and his band of dorks are hilarious and I look forward to them every week. You should check them out at….
Will I set sail for more internet adventures again? Who knows but I will have to say these last weeks have been very fun and interesting to say the less.
Strange Luck of Innistrad!
So now that I’m home again I would like to say that Innistrad has been very kind to me since it’s been out. I played at the prerelease a in my sealed pool I opened a Liliana of the Veil. I built a deck got a few wins, a loss, and a draw and I got some packs for my efforts. In the prize packs I opened a Snapecaster Mage which I didn’t even know was a card and everyone wanted it. I gave the Mage to my brother and held on to the Liliana. He traded it for some Commander stuff and we went home.   
I had so much fun at the prerelease that I when to the FNM the next week to play in the release… but for some reason the store I went to only gave out the release card for their Saturday event. Oh well, I still wanted to play and It was a Sealed Draft. I started to open my second pack and found… another Snapecaster Mage. This time I held on to it for a while. Then Liliana jumped from a $40 to $70… so just like last time I gave them to my brother who traded them for a pile of cards that included three Garruk the Relentless.
Last week, while I was out shopping for Christmas gifts for the family, I picked up six packs of Innistrad for myself. I wanted a Fat Pack but the store I was at was sold out. When I have packs like this I like to open them to see what kind of a Sealed pool I would get but as soon as I opened the third pack I saw a Mythic leering back at me…

Yeah. So I’m starting to think there must be something wrong here. It seems like every time I crack 3-6 packs I’m getting a Mage or a Planeswalker. Not like I’m complaining or anything just more of an observation. I have a few ideas of what to do with the Garruk but I’m not going o say anymore than that, just in case things don’t work out.
Time For Some Rest!
Well that about wraps it up for me. The polls are in and with that the next series of themed decks are now in the works. Just as last time, the colors with the most votes will get to go first and we’ll work our way down until we hit the one with the least, or in most cases the poor color combination with no, votes. With that done I’m headed to bed. So until next time…
This is your Captain speaking… We’re heading into the Red Zone!!!

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